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Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Semiotic Imaginings" promo poster

Our promotional poster, thanks to the mad skilz of Sam Mays of SR404/Stay True Tattoo!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wrapping it up....

On our way to Asheville we encountered this amazing old car and stopped to play. This was our last day of outdoor shooting for "Semiotic Imaginings" and it was an awesome day if not a bit exhausting. In our typical fashion, we set out with certain ideas and went off in many other directions.

Taking a break!

Several serendipitous moments came about, including this theater sign that caught Keith's attention. Can't imagine missing it but I would not have noticed.

"I can feel the world moving without me. I am ok"

Later, at this Graffiti wall we saw Keith's birthday painted onto one area....very cool! There were so many fun pictures, we'll have a tough time picking our favorites. But choose we must, because printing happens first thing this week. Can't wait to share all these crazy images with you!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Semiotic Imaginings

Semiotic Imaginings is the very first public exhibit by "Rabbit Hole Studios", our intersection of artistic adventures. It all started so innocently....

On one of Keith's visits to Johnson City he brought along a paraffin bath left over from his days working in the medical field. Little did we know that it would lead to an art exhibit!

The younger kids played with the hot wax every night. But one night, Trevor and Jared joined in and pretty soon the wax took on a whole new life. Trevor started cooling the hot wax in between layers with ice water and played with it until he could get an entire "glove" off his hand, then store it in the freezer. Before long we had a freezer full of odd-looking hands in all shapes and sizes. It's a bit eerie to see white, disembodied wax hands jumbled all over your food. Strange indeed.

Watching one melt back into the hot wax bath made me want to document the melting process with photos. Pretty soon we were envisioning a series of photos with the hands representing the power our real hands have to shape our world, both creatively and environmentally.

The hands have led us down some very interesting paths throughout the project to say the least! We're learning more about paraffin and sculpting methods than we thought we needed. Who says this is all about photography right? The kids have helped make the wax hands we've used as well as accompany us for shooting the photos. They come and go from all of it, as Keith and I sculpt our visions and collect with the lense for our show.

Because our ideas tend to meander all over, this show will include a few items other than photos. We're excited to bring our first art exhibit to life at Stay True Tattoo/SR 404 Art Gallery. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, April 1st from 7-10pm or stop by to check out our body of work all throughout the month of April. Come see all the interesting scenes and locations the hands ended up! Reception night will be catered by our very favorite place to grab a bite and hang out with friends, Main Street Pizza Company.

We'll post behind-the-scenes videos and a few pictures just for fun. We'll also put all the art up on the internet for those that can't attend. After the show, stop by and pick up one of the wax hands to help us continue the fun with the "traveling hands" project, where participants can send in pictures and stories of their own, to be published right here at the "Down the Rabbit Hole" blog.

Hope to see you there! :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole begins....

It seems that there are pivotal moments in ones life, major decisions that at the time seem relatively benign but in retrospect they set changes in motion that paint you into a very different looking adventure than you knew.

Meeting Keith was one such pivotal moment that in 2008 I could not have imagined where it would lead. We began as friends and here we are, in 2011 with very different lives than either of us could have dreamed and it's a lovely thing.

To make a long story short, both of us had repressed a lot of our artistic side over the years. I had reclaimed parts of my artist self in recent times but in my former relationship with my ex I had left a lot of pieces still silent and unclaimed.

From day one, Keith and I have been very family focused and so far, all of our artistic adventures involve the children in some form or another. We have named this blog (and our future website and art co-op) "Rabbit Hole Studios" because of the nature our adventures and explorations seem to go. One thing leads to another and in our frenetic, always-creative way, off we go down different paths.

So welcome to our blog, "Down the Rabbit Hole", where we will share our family art endeavors including shows, projects and mishaps. We are excited to bring the many meandering ideas we both have to the light of day. It's an amazing thing to find a kindred spirit in this crazy world, especially one who wants to make art and believes in your somewhat-nutty ideas. Share the journey with us as we venture into our new lives together! Down the rabbit hole we go...